Seafarers center

Nantes-Port-Accueil   Map 
20 rue de la Brasserie (main office)
44100 NANTES

Seafarers’ center   Map 
Rue Codet
phone: +33 240 318 019
e-mail :
Map of the Port of Nantes

As we are all volunteers, we can’t possibly open the Centre everyday. But we can always make arrangements to meet you and make an appointment. So, if you wish to come, please call +33 240 318 019 for an appointment or come to the center Saturday afternoon.

We usually meet you on board and bring you all the information you need: maps, leaflets, brochures, phone cards, Internet, information about public transportation. Ask us to use mobile phone, computer…

We can also talk with you in your own language with the friendly help of foreign volunteers.

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